A Welcomed Alternative

Interra Consulting creates lasting value by taking a custom, incremental approach to every project. We provide practical plans created by veteran consultants with ‘Big Firm’ expertise without the ‘Big Firm’ overhead.

A core focus on strategy execution means we think with our sleeves rolled up. We come to the table to not only plan initiatives, but see them through to implementation. Our Managing Partner and Consultants make themselves available for the duration of the engagement, and often function as fully integrated team members. Locally based, we easily and effectively operate remotely and on-site.

  • Incremental

    Each step of the way, we’re delivering the insight and guidance that your project needs. With an incremental approach you have customization, flexibility and adaptability that can’t be achieved when you’re locked into a pre-baked methodology. This step-by-step approach doesn’t mean you lose the ‘Big Picture.’ Instead, what you get is a dedicated, experienced Consultant  who advises and executes the best option based on your business needs, moving you closer to your long-term goals and creating sustainable results in meaningful, thought-out ways.

  • Custom

    Some consulting firms work within a framework of rigid parameters that don’t reflect the realities of your business situation or challenge. Not so with Interra Consulting: You’ll never be forced into a cookie-cutter methodology or a one-size-fits-all approach. Expect us to offer insights and recommendations that are unique, balanced, and scaled to your needs.

  • Collaborative

    We don’t pretend to know all of the answers when we walk through the door. We listen first. We value that you’re the expert in your business. What we bring is the experience, the insights, and the know-how from many companies and many projects. Together, we figure out what’s best for you and your circumstances. We won’t go away and come back with a report that will sit on your shelf. Instead, we work side-by-side with you. And we get things done.

  • Objective

    Interra Consulting isn’t defined by or chained to vendor agreements. That means you can expect strategies that are truly objective, recommendations that are unbiased, and a managerial direction that’s the best fit for your business conditions. By the same token, we engage stakeholders and team members to glean honest insights about attitudes, morale, ethos and culture.

“[Interra] started working with us at the start of a significant reorganization for the company and was tasked with helping to lead the creation of a program that would serve as a core part of the reorg efforts. [Interra’s] organizational skills, ability to build strong relationships and engagement skills all were instrumental in his success in helping to build a program that remains central to the organization 3+ years later.” – Julius C., EVP & CAO (National Energy Corporation)